Drawing Locator

                     Enter your secret key.

                   Type your drawing number in the text box and click the "Create A Drawing Link" button.

                  This will create a hyperlink to the .pdf file for that drawing. Click on the link to open

                  the file. If the file does not open automatically, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader 

                  on your PC. You can do this at www.adobe.com . Use your browsers "back" button to

                  open another drawing.




                    This website is a tool specifically designed for Elizabeth Carbide Of N.C. and it's representatives. 

                   DO NOT divulge the 'secret key, the location or provide links to anyone.  If you wish to forward 

                drawings; print and fax or, save them to your local machine and attach them as email. All access 

                activity is logged. Your continued support of this policy will ensure the availability of such shared 

                information. If you need a drawing number, contact our engineering department directly.